Friday 19 Jul 2024 - 12:00

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10:00 am            General Director of Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Authority, Engineer Jean G. Jabran, visits water projects in Aley District, starting at Kfoun to inspect the water station, solar farm, and well, in the presence of the mayor.

11:10 am            Arrival at Bsarine to lay the foundation stone for the well and its associated station.

12:10 pm           Inauguration of the water pipeline project from Ain al-Souda to Ain Dara, as well as the solar farm for the purification station in Ain al-Jouzeh.

1:30 pm            Arrival at Ain al-Bahsasah in Ain Dara, meeting with local representatives, including speeches.

3:20 pm            Arrival at Naba al-Qa'a to inspect the project providing water to the villages in Shouf.


Free Blood Test Day for Women

Women aged 18 to 60 can get a free blood test at Hotel Dieu de France Hospital, organized by the Anesthesia Department, Women's Medicine Department, and Biochemistry Laboratory, in cooperation with the Family Medicine Center and Nutrition Department, in the main hall of the hospital - Khalil Metri Hall, as part of the "Seventh Day Operation" and the launch of the Patient Blood Management (PBM) program.

11:30 pm       Minister of Environment, Dr. Nasser Yassin, launches the 2024 National Campaign for Forest Fire Prevention and Control, in collaboration with Bekfaya Municipality, under the slogan "Fire with Less," at Bekfaya Serail.

4:00 pm        An awareness seminar on cyber blackmail organized by the Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS), the National Care Network (NWN), in collaboration with AIN QENYA & BEYOND Association, and the Cybercrime Fighting Office in the Internal Security Forces, at Dar Hasbaya.

6:30 pm       Consecration of the Secretary of the Vatican's Eastern Churches Department, Father Michel al-Jalakh, by the Maronite Patriarch, Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, in Bkerke, upon the invitation of the General President of the Maronite Antonine Order, Father Joseph Bou Raad, and Elias and Salwa al-Jalakh.

8:15 pm       Graduation ceremony at the Arab University of Beirut for the academic year 2023/2024 at the Debbiyeh Campus, hosted by University President Professor Wael Nabil Abdulsalam. Keynote speaker: Dr. Ghassan Abu Setta.


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