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Parliamentary Committee Meetings

10:00 am        Session by the Media and Communications Committee, chaired by MP Ibrahim Moussawi, to continue discussing the answers of the Minister of Communications and follow up on the latest developments.

11:00 am         Session by the Public Works, Transport, Energy, and Water Committee, chaired by MP Sajih Attieh, to discuss the Bisri Dam issue.


11:00 am         Seminar titled "Highlighting Financial Policies," organized by the "Policy Analysis Center" at the Lebanese American University (LAU), in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It will be held at Al Jazaery Building 403, Beirut campus.

12:00 pm        Press conference by the President of the Bakers' Union in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, Shehada Al-Masri, at the headquarters of the National Federation of Workers and Employees Unions in Lebanon – Cola / Watwat Al-Msaytbeh – third floor.

4:30 pm        Opening of an art exhibition by journalist Mona Saqriah titled "From the Diaries of Gaza," hosted by the Academy of Culture House – Mar Elias Camp, under the patronage and presence of Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta, at the Ambassador Forum – As-Safir Newspaper Building – Hamra. The opening program includes speeches by writer Taghreed Abdel Aal, writer Saqr Abu Fakhr, and Dr. Abu Sitta.

6:30 pm       The "National Bloc" hosts former Minister of Justice Marie-Claude Najm in a dialogue session as part of the "Session with the Bloc" program, discussing "How to End the State of Impunity and Transition from a Non-State Logic to a State Logic," at the main headquarters of the "National Bloc" - Gemmayzeh.

7:30 pm       "Cinematheque" presents under the sky of Ehden, in collaboration with the "Cabriolet Film Festival," thirty-seven short films on the theme of "The Other," over three consecutive days, June 6, 7, and 8, in the Ehden Square.





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