"Lebanon is stronger than their plots," asserts Al-Murtada

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Culture, Judge Muhammad Wissam Al-Murtada, wrote today on the “X” platform: “I reflect on the strength of the friendly relations between Italy and Lebanon, the solidity of cooperation and development with the Italian state and the Italian people, and how they help Lebanon and the Lebanese through the Italian embassy in Beirut, silently, away from publicity or bragging, and most importantly without hidden satanic agendas..."

He continued, "I then view the practices of some embassies, and I am surprised at our laxity in confronting their practices, as they and their non-governmental organization agents spew the poison of discord among the Lebanese and work tirelessly to stabilize the displaced in Lebanon...I am also astonished by our lenient stance towards the policies of some countries that are deeply arrogant and condescending and insist on dealing with us through the language of imposition, siege, sanctions, and public support for the occupation and its aggression."

"It finally comes to my mind that #Lebanon_is_greater_than_them_and_stronger_than_their_plots, so why don’t we act on this basis?” Al-Murtada concluded.




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