Kabalan to al-Rahi: Some Christians do not want a Christian president

NNA - The Grand Jaafari Mufti, Sheikh Ahmed Kabalan, addressed Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, saying, "The issue in Lebanon is that some Christians do not want a Christian president."

In a statement, Kabalan saw that "what we have been experiencing since October 2019 is an overwhelming American invasion on various fronts. We need everyone at this critical moment of invasion and the decisive battles the country is going through."

He emphasized that national solidarity, dialogue, and unity are essential for the nation's salvation.

He explained, "we have stated that political division violates the constitution and law and destroys the country. It plays into the hands of Washington and its international, regional group."

Considering that Lebanon is facing its worst systematic war, he added, "It is no secret that Lebanon is exposed to its worst systematic war, and the organized storm led by Washington is causing the worst catastrophe affecting the state, its project, and its people. Their goal is to destroy Lebanon's pillars, and sadly, inside the country, some are participating in this war on destructive fronts. There is no neutrality in this war because Lebanon is under invasion."

The Mufti further pointed out that "the law and the constitution are suffering from the Washington storm and the partnership of some with it. Those who have fought the toughest national wars to restore the constitution, the country, and its institutions are now calling for national solidarity and a rescue dialogue, and the problem is 'not the oppression of the wicked but the silence of the righteous.'"

He observed that "the gate of tyranny, which violates the constitution, is only lagging in the rescue dialogue, despite the severity of the war that is grinding the country." --- LBC ENGLISH NEWS




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