MP Mohammad Raad calls for swift Presidential election to safeguard Lebanon's sovereignty

NNA - The head of the "Loyalty to the Resistance" bloc, MP Mohammad Raad, emphasized that they are "keen on the National Accord and committed to the Constitution both in letter and in spirit." 

He pointed out that "today, we constitute a majority in the Government, where we have the quorum that qualifies the Cabinet to make decisions."

During a commemorative celebration, Raad called for partnership in their presence in the Government, stating, "Because we desire understanding and dialogue, and we patiently tolerate those who did not and will not participate in the Cabinet. We only include in the council's agenda what is urgent and necessary, affecting everyone, and we do not act as a majority in it."

The head of the "Loyalty to the Resistance" bloc expressed regret that some who reject dialogue imagine that they have a majority that will bring them the president they desire at the expense of their partnership with others and contrary to their opinion.

He continued, saying, "They want us to attend only a parliamentary session to secure the quorum for them to elect their president, who caters to their interests even at the expense of others. This logic is not consistent with building a state or preserving stability. Those who refuse dialogue today will beg for it someday."

Raad affirmed that "we want as soon as possible to complete the presidential election and elect a president acceptable to all Lebanese, one who will safeguard the nation's sovereignty and the dignity of the Lebanese people in a time when international powers are gradually implementing the normalization plan with the Israeli enemy and imposing this plan on all the region's states." --- LBC ENGLISH NEWS




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