Lebanese Foreign Ministry confirms its support for the efforts made to ensure the return of security & stability to Yemen

NNA - Lebanon's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants confirmed in an issued statement on Saturday that, as a follow-up to the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on September 14, 2023, in which it explained the course of the intensified efforts made recently to achieve peace in brotherly Yemen by urging all parties to reach a permanent ceasefire, this paves the way for a sustainable political solution acceptable to all Yemeni parties.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry underlined "its support for the endeavors made and the responsible efforts that it has always called for intensifying, to ensure the return of security and stability to the brotherly parts of Yemen, and to restore its vital role within the Arab family, in a way that enhances joint Arab action and achieves the interests and aspirations of the Arab peoples and countries to play their active and influential role, in the midst of an interconnected and changing global system.” 



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